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About L'Amour
Family-owned and operated since 1953, Lamour Inc. has earned its reputation as the “Best in Class” choice for socks, performance wear, hosiery and intimates. In fact, we are among the top 5 global players in base layer active wear, the #1 global seamless manufacturer, & one of Canada’s leading sock manufacturers. As a one-stop shop, we work innovatively and passionately to deliver outstanding quality and value to a diversified international customer base. It is our focus on performance fabric technology and product innovation, investment in manufacturing excellence, speed to market, and supply chain execution that allows us to build meaning, strong, and long-lasting retail partnerships across multiple trade channels.

In a world increasingly focused on digital connections people are desperately seeking human interactions. Style over substance has become the new normal and has pushed people away from meaning. At Lamour our mission is not just to create product, but to use our products to make meaningful connections with consumers. We excel at using technology, innovation, and design to move our brands closer to our customers, and in doing so we have become an advocate for community, experiences, and inclusiveness.

At Lamour we promise to always be innovative, inventive, and customer focused. We promise to give our employees and our partners the freedom to explore and always feel inspired. Our primary responsibility is to put our customers and their needs at the center of everything we do; we always consider how & why our products are being used. We work tirelessly and relentlessly to deliver well crafted, well thought-out, and top-quality products to meet the desires of all our customers. We are mindful of the products we create, the materials we use, and the impact we have on the world. We strive to deliver a product that goes above and beyond the expectations of our customers, and we believe we must be held accountable for the decisions we make and the effect they have on the lives of our partners and consumers.

Lamour’s vision is to become the leader in brand development, production creation, and garment manufacturing. Through a strong supply chain, company-owned distribution centers, and long-lasting relationships with retailers, Lamour has the capabilities to make all of our products available to our customers quickly, efficiently, and at reasonable costs. We have grown exponentially by leveraging our capabilities to better position existing brands, and by developing new brands to meet the needs of each of our customers.